Cycle 8 – 1s Week: Squat: 10/2/12

Had a solid 8 hours of sleep BUT that is all I had in the past 48 hours!
Very tired when I woke up and definitely could have used more rest.
Also realized that I have been in a calorie/carb deficit for 4 days now as well.

Pushed myself to go to the gym but only felt fine despite having my White Flood and actually skipped my usual 16-20 hour fast and ate some breakfast before going to the gym. (6/10)
Really struggled the whole session and almost forced myself to skip the assistance exercises due to fatigue.
I think I did fine considering how tired I was feeling today and I am sure I could have performed better with proper rest.
I was completely wore out and spent by the time I finished my whole routine.
Started feeling better after I drank my protein shake and banana post-workout on the way home and then had my sushi lunch a few minutes later.

Today’s training session was a definite test of my will power and dedication!

One good thing today.
I accidentally grabbed my old Rogue Do-win shoes instead of my Rippetoe’s.
Found them to be much better to use and actually helped me in my squats.
Noticed a definite help with it during my warm-up sets.
Think I will start using my Rogue’s on days I have to squat for now.


Weight: 174 lbs since 9/30/12

Pre-workout Warm-up Time: 20 minutes

Training Time: 1 hr 30 mins

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching

Main Lift:


Warm-up Sets:
45 x 10
140 x 5
175 x 5
210 x 3

Work Sets:
265 x 5
300 x 3
335 x 1

Kinda upset with today’s less than stellar performance considering I did so well last squat session.
Need to make sure I get plenty of rest before my lifting sessions.
While wearing my Rogue’s, I felt somewhat more stable with them on.
Like I was able to keep my body in proper position despite my tiredness.
It was a weird but good feeling as I did my warm-up sets.

Work sets felt very difficult.
Missed parallel by an inch or two after the 3rd rep on the first work set.
Was able to hit them all proper once I used my belt on the subsequent sets though.
Hoping to get at least 2 reps on the top set easily but just took the bare minimum of 1 today due to feeling shaky.
I was actually surprised I was able to get that rep considering my weakened condition.

Assistance Exercises:

Front Squat:

Warm-up Set:
45 x 10

Work Sets:
(30% of estimated 1RM)
85 x 10
– 1 min rest
85 x 7
– 1 min rest
85 x 6
– 1 min rest
85 x 7
– 1 min rest
85 x 5

Was hoping to do better with this today with the lowered weight but I was just too tired.
Hopefully to do better next time with proper rest.
At least I was able to do as much as I can with only 1 minute rest between sets.

Stiff Legged Deadlift:
(35% of Deadlift Training Max)

140 x 10
– 1 min rest
140 x 10
– 1 min rest
140 x 10
– 1 min rest
140 x 10
– 1 min rest
140 x 10

I wanted to try using Fat Gripz with this so attempted it on my first set.
Very difficult to do and gave up on using it on the rest of the sets.
Maybe can do more when I am less fatigued.
Felt like dying doing these even though it’s so light.

Hanging Leg Raise (Toes to Bar):

1 x 8
1 x 8
1 x 6
1 x 5
1 x 5

1 minute rest between sets.
Energy level was on empty by now.
Almost decided to not do this like my other assistance exercises but pushed myself on doing as much as I can.