Conditioning: 10/21/12

Prowler Push:

Weight: 90 lbs
Laps: 4
Distance: 40 Yards/Lap
Rest: 60 seconds
Terrain: Asphalt

Weight: 160 lbs
Laps: 6
Distance: 40 Yards/Lap
Rest: 90 seconds
Terrain: Asphalt

Total Time: 16m 9.88s

Was going to push the prowler tomorrow morning but it was such a nice day outside.
Already took my dogs for a nice walk so decided to push the prowler for some quick conditioning.
This was 4 hours after I left the gym.
Also, the CrossFit from 2 blocks away is moving 2 doors from my apartment so wanted to see what they are up to.
Think tomorrow I will go for the “Easy” prowler session.