Cycle 9 – 3s Week: BP: 11/8/12

Had the night off from work last night and ended up staying up for about ~30 hours before I passed out and took a short nap before I finally slept for 8 solid hours!
Arrived at the gym feeling good from my White Flood despite being on a fast (8/10).
Amazingly enough I felt alert and focused throughout the session and afterwards.
I did had to leave early due to other real life demands and not able to finish all my assistance work.

It is looking like I will need to deload all, if not most, of my lifts by start of cycle 10.
Funny thing is I am actually looking forward to a deload on most of my lifts.
I have been pushing hard for almost a year now and this is probably just what I need to go pass my wall!

I also read an interesting post by Jim Wendler that I may incorporate starting with Cycle 10 and a deload will probably make it progress better.
The article is called: 5/3/1 and Singles: A Simple and Different Approach.
The short of it is that I will be performing my Training Max for that lift at the end of the 5/3/1 sets for a single.
I find it interesting and want to see how I will perform doing that and a deload next cycle I think will help.

Otherwise a decent session despite the stall.
My hips also was noted to be slightly tight and sore so I tried mostly doing the Agile 8 as my Dynamic Stretches.


Body Weight: 172.5 lbs on 11/4/12

Pre-workout Warm-up Time: 20 minutes

Training Time: 1 hr 30 mins

Fasted Time: ~13-14 hours

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching

Main Lift:

Bench Press

Warm-up Sets (w/ Fat Gripz Superset with Pull-ups):
BP: 45 x 10
PU: BW x 10

BP: 95 x 5
PU: BW x 8

BP: 115 x 5
PU: +40 x 6

BP: 140 x 3
PU: +45 x 5

Work Sets (Superset with Pull-ups):
BP: 165 x 3
PU: +45 x 5

BP: 185 x 3
PU: +45 x 5

BP: 210 x 2 (e1RM = 224) Stall
PU: +45 x 4

Work sets 1-2 was feeling easy enough and I tried to keep the tempo slow on the way down.
My left hip cramped up a bit on the last rep of the 3rd work set and made me lose my tightness making me stall.
That and insufficient rest for 2 days could have been my downfall.

Assistance Exercises:

BBB OHP w/ Fat Gripz & Superset with Dips:
(40% of Training Max)

OHP: 45 x 10
Dips: BW x 8

BBB OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: +35 x 5
Rest 1.5 min

BBB OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: +35 x 5
Rest 2 min

BBB OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: +35 x 3
Rest 2 min

BBB OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: +35 x 4
Rest 2 min

BBB OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: +35 x 2

The press was feeling decent enough.
Think form is better compared to last session.
As usual dips are difficult to do afterwards.

Kroc Rows (w/o Straps):

Left Arm:

Warm-up Sets:
100 x 5
100 x 5

Work Set:
100 x 25

Right Arm:

Warm-up Sets:
100 x 5
100 x 5

Work Set:
100 x 20

Grip felt good while doing these!
Think I had 2-3 more in the tank by the time I let the dumbbell go on my left arm.
My right elbow tendinitis started acting up a bit and made me stop at 20 on my right side when I know I could have done at least 25 total.
Think I will stay at this weight until I can do 25-30 without straps!

Ab Wheel Rollouts:


Ran out of time and had to do other stuff outside the gym so left early.