Cycle 9 – 3s Week: Power Clean & Deadlift: 11/13/12

Slept around 4-5 hours and maybe an additional 1 hour nap before work.
Decided to test out fasted training some more but this time made sure I ate enough quality fatty foods the day before.
Ate 4 thick cut slices of bacon and 4 large eggs cooked in bacon grease as my first meal yesterday and a thick 1 lb ribeye steak with a spring mix salad for dinner before work.
Very satiated while I was at work and didn’t have hunger pangs by the time I arrived at the gym!
Drank 1 serving White Flood and felt great as I started doing my pre-workout warm-ups at the gym! (7/10)
Surprisingly enough I progressively started feeling better!
Started feeling better as I started my power clean work sets (8/10) and felt even more energetic as I started my deadlift warm-up sets (9/10)!
Unfortunately I stalled on my lifts but I still felt great the rest of the day!
Because today is a night off from work, I ended up staying up the rest of the day and not sleep until ~29-30 hours after I woke-up the night before!

Overall a good session despite the stall.
Actually looking forward to the anticipated deload on most of my lifts next cycle!

I started using my heart rate monitor again to see how it may help me on my recovery time while I lift.
Read a good post about it here: Using a Heart Rate Monitor
Ended up having a much longer session today overall than my usual 1.5 hours but that maybe due to the extra set on the deadlift and because the weight is just heavier for me now today.


Body Weight: 171 lbs on 11/11/12

Pre-workout Warm-ups: 20 mins

Training Time: 2 hr

Hours in fast: 14 hours

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching

Main Lift(s):

Power Clean:

Warm-up Sets:
70 x 5
85 x 5
102.5 x 3

Work Sets:
120 x 3
137.5 x 3
155 x 2 (e1RM = 165) Stall

First 2 work sets felt easy enough as usual.
Feeling good as I started them.
Think I lost my momentum again on the 3rd rep on the top set but I did feel it get difficult as I finished the 2nd rep.
I did like how I setup after each rep this time though.


Warm-up Sets:
165 x 5
205 x 5
250 x 3

Work Sets:
290 x 3
330 x 3
370 x 2 (e1RM = 395) Stall

Training Max attempt:
420 x 0

Still feeling good despite the stall.
3rd set I didn’t even attempt the 3rd rep as I felt like my form was poor on the 2nd rep.
Somehow had an idea to attempt my training max but calculated it wrong by an extra 10 lbs!
Didn’t realize until I got home that this cycles training max is only 410 lbs not the 420 lbs I attempted!
Think next session I will attempt 400 lbs at the end.

Assistance Exercises:

Box Squat:
(40 % of Training Max)

45 x 10

145 x 10
– Rest 2.5 mins
145 x 10
– Rest 1 mins
145 x 10
– Rest 2 mins
145 x 10
– Rest 2 mins
145 x 10

Feeling real good despite my stalls still!
Think it is during the assistance work where my heart rate monitor helps.

Good Mornings:

45 x 10

75 x 10
– Rest 1.5 mins
75 x 10
– Rest 1.5 mins
75 x 10
– Rest 1 mins
75 x 10
– Rest 1 mins
75 x 10

Bar somehow felt lighter today.
Normally I would be struggling by now.
Really digging the heart rate monitor for timed recovery between sets.

Weighted Sit-ups:

15 x 10
– Rest 30s
12 x 10
– Rest 30s
9 x 10
– Rest 45s
6 x 10
– Rest 45s
5 x 10

First set felt easy enough.
But the abs started hurting from there and reps declined.