Conditioning: 12/1/12

Walk to Training Seminar:

Distance:0.9 miles
Time: 14m 20.6s

Krav Maga Training Seminar w/ Darren Levine:

Time: 4 hours

Been up since 5pm the day before.
Went to work after dinner then got back home around 7:30 am and just relaxed at home until I had to walk to the training seminar at 12pm.
(Walked my dogs of course right after I arived at home.)
Was planning to take a short nap but I guess I was a little excited for the upcoming seminar.

Darren Levine was leading the training seminar and was a great experience to be in!
I learned some good stuff and amazing I had plenty of energy to go do it all today.
By the time the seminar was over I was up 25 hours and on the 20th hour of my fast!
I probably could have done a couple more hours of training if was available …

Great day overall and I am sure I will sleep well tonight that I have the weekend off!