Cycle 10 – 5s Week: Squat: 12/3/12

Had the weekend off but only managed to have Sunday as a full rest day.
Slept for a solid 8-9 hours before gym time and made myself eat a quick breakfast of 3 sausages & 3 eggs an hour before.
Somehow was tempted to train fasted as I felt fine before eating breakfast.
It’s weird because my energy level was higher before I ate breakfast (7/10) compared to afterwards (5/10).

This cycle also starts with me deloading all my lifts due to stalls last cycle.
Also this cycle I will start doing singles of my training max for that lift.
Session overall went fine and my energy level did gradually improve as I went through the motions.


Weight: 170 lbs since 12/2/12

Pre-workout Warm-up Time: 20 minutes

Training Time: 1 hr 20 mins

Fasted Time: 12 hours before breakfast

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching
1 minute Jump Rope

Main Lift:


Warm-up Sets:
45 x 10
115 x 5
145 x 5
175 x 3

Work Sets:
190 x 5
215 x 5
245 x 5 (e1RM = 286)

Training Max:
285 x 1

Somehow not feeling as energetic as I wanted as I started the squat.
Weight itself felt light for me but I guess my body wasn’t cooperating and not fully awake yet.
Only did the bare minimum for today even though I know I can do a few more reps extra.
A weird thing for me today is that I “FELT” like I was not going deep enough.
Now that I reviewed the video I am surprised that I am actually hitting below parallel in most if not all the reps!
Think my form is pretty good too.
Guess I need to get used to the higher heels of the Romaleos 2 that I just started using last week.
Another good thing about the new shoes is that I really felt solid on the ground.

Assistance Exercises:

Front Squat:

Warm-up Set:
45 x 10

Work Sets:
(35% of estimated 1RM)

80 x 10
– 1.5 min rest
80 x 10
– 1.75 min rest
80 x 10
– 2 min rest
80 x 7
– 2 min rest
80 x 8

Weight felt light but still feel like I need to work on form.
Also was trying to go just parallel and after watching my video realized I was going deeper than expected!
Energy level was getting better as I started these. (6/10)
But I somehow didn’t had enough in me to finish the last 2 sets as I wanted.
But the last 2 sets seems to be the best ones I think …

Stiff Legged Deadlift:
(40% of Deadlift Training Max)

140 x 10
– 1 min rest
140 x 10
– 1 min rest
140 x 10
– 1 min rest
140 x 10
– 1 min rest
140 x 10

Made some nice and quick “Touch & Go” reps.
Did them all with shoes still on and felt fine.
Felt good as I did them all! (7/10)

Hanging Leg Raise (Toes to Bar):

1 x 8
1 x 8
1 x 6
1 x 6
1 x 6

1 minute rest between sets.



Was running out of time and had to go back home to do stuff.