Conditioning: 12/5/12

Warm-up: Jump Rope:

Time: 2 minutes

Recovery Prowler Push:

Weight: 70 lbs
Time: 15 minutes
Terrain: Pavement

Cool-down: Jump Rope:

Time: 2 minutes

Slept for around 5-6 hours and almost talked myself out of doing some conditioning today.
Wanted to do some Martial Arts conditioning but didn’t have the time today so did this quick thing instead.
Read a great article by Molly Galbraith called: Six New Uses for the Prowler and decided to do the recovery prowler workout due to my body still being sore from Monday.

Warmed up with some jump rope and the first few minutes of pushing the prowler was feeling too easy.
Then my heart rate started climbing and rested only when it hit 150 bpm to bring it back down.
Finished it with some light jump rope even tried and succeeded doing a couple “Double Unders”!
A couple as in exactly 2 and I stumbled right afterwards lol.

Working on making a quick reference list of finishers and quick conditioning drills I found online so I can just pick one as needed.
Just some easy drills I can do after a lifting session and also some quick conditioning Indoors for inclement weather.
Really need to make sure I do some good condtioning 2-3x a week to improve my endurance and burn fat faster!