Conditioning: 12/8/12

Krav Maga:

Time: 1 Hour

Heavy Bag Class:

Time: 1 Hour

So I had a VERY long day yesterday.
Up since 5pm the other day then work overnight then lifting then sleep around midnight.
Solid sleep for ~8 hours before my dogs woke me up to take them outside for a walk.
I was originally planning to just do the heavy bag class but I got up early enough to do Krav Maga right before it.
Definitely need to figure out to squeeze at least 1 Krava Maga class a week as my skills has deteriorated by forgetting some techniques!

Both classes was brutal as I don’t think I have fully recovered from yesterday.
Conditioning warm-ups at the start of each class really made my body feel it later that day.

Once the adrenaline has subsided, my left heel spur started acting up making me wish I can get a new left foot!