Conditioning: 12/12/12

Prowler Drag:

Weight: 50 lbs
Distance: 1.02 miles
Terrain: Pavement
Time: 32m 22.16s

Krav Maga:

Time: 1 hour

Prowler Drag:

Weight: 50 lbs
Distance: 0.99 miles
Terrain: Pavement
Time: 31m 11.68s

Missed the Cardio Kickboxing and Conditioning Combo class so decided to go all out today.
Last time I dragged the prowler to class I couldn’t drag it back (was carrying 90 lb plates)!
So decided to be a little conservative and only put 50 lbs on the it today so I can drag it back and forth.
With the prowler decided to use the harness and drag it most of the way there.
Sometimes I got bored and pulled it with my arms.
Even with a much lighter weight it was still a challenge dragging it this far back and forth.
I also noticed that dragging the Prowler next to major roadways definitely makes you stand out!

Krav Maga class was great and I surprised myself by actually having tons of energy to complete it.
Dragged the Prowler back and definitely running on my last bit of energy to get back home, considering I am now , approximately, on the 16th hour of my fast as I near home.

Definitely wore out and hungry as I finished and definitely drained.
I enjoyed whatever it is I ate this day and took a short nap before work for the night!