Conditioning: Walking, Krav Maga, Battle Ropes and a Sparring Round: 12/15/12

15 Dec

Conditioning: 12/15/12


Distance: 0.6 miles
Time: 10m 42.3s

Krav Maga: Heavy Bag Class:

Time: 1 hour


Distance: 0.6 miles
Time: ~ 11 mins

Dropped the car off to get an oil change then walked to class then walked back afterwards to pick up the car.
Really excited to go to class today.
I received my very 1st 16 oz gloves to use for sparring and the heavy bag!
(I am slowly trying to get gear so I can start sparring properly)

A couple guys decided to spar a few rounds before class and got me to try a round with them.
I didn’t have shin guards or head gear at this time so I chose to only use my arms while my partner can do whatever.
Fighting handicapped like this sucks and showed how much of my skill has gone rusty over the years of not training.
It is good though as now that I feel like I am at the bottom, there is no place else to go but up!
Learned much from that quick 2 minute round.

The heavy bag class was great as we got soem new gym rings that we was made to use for ring dips as part of a conditioning drill for warm-ups.
Ring dips sucks and much more difficult than regular ones and excited to try them more often and maybe even work on muscle-ups one day!

I finished the class by using the brand new 50′ battle rope that my school just acquired.
Think I swung it around for 45-60 seconds and that did it for me to finish the day.


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