Conditioning: 1 Mile Prowler Drag, Krav Maga: Conditioning & 1 Mile Prowler Drag Again: 12/19/12

19 Dec

Conditioning: 12/19/12

Prowler Drag to Class:

Load: 35 lbs
Distance: ~1 mile
Time: ~20-30 mins
Terrain: Pavement

Krav Maga: Conditioning Class:

Time: 45 minutes

Prowler Drag to Home:

Load: 35 lbs
Distance: ~1 mile
Time: ~20-30 mins
Terrain: Pavement

Slept terrible again before work.
Then I slipped and broke my fast and ate some cookies at work!
Made myself feel weak doing that and wanted to cleanse myself with some hard conditioning!
Didn’t have time to make it to do the Cardio Kickboxing class so decided to load up my Prowler with a light load and drag it to and from class.
Even with a much lighter load compared to last week it was still a challenge but not as much.

Conditioning class I really enjoyed today!
We did a circuit that lasted 2 minutes each and one of them was the Battle Ropes.
I think I did well until after I hit the 1 minute mark and I just died on the ropes!
REALLY need to quit smoking so my endurance will improve!

Went to get 2 rotisserie chicken breast once I got home and found out the workers there saw me drag the sled and thought I was insane pulling that sled from where I was coming from!

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