Cycle 10 – 3s Week: BP: 12/21/12

I haven’t had good sleep at all this whole week!
5-6 hours sleep and probably an hour nap before work.
Training under fast again but I actually felt good as I was driving to the gym! (6/10)
My energy level surprisingly improved as I started my assistance exercises and stayed at that steady pace (7/10)

I did have some body issues that annoyed me today.
My right elbow tendinitis still bothers me.
I also think I pulled something the other day on my left hip, groin and lower back.
These issues slightly affected my performance today as I know I could have done so much better.
Still, today was a good day overall and I was even able to cut a few minutes from today’s session!


Body Weight: 170 lbs on 12/16/12

Pre-workout Warm-up Time: 20 minutes

Training Time: 1 hr 30 mins

Fasted Time: ~13 hours

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching
2 minutes Jump Rope

Main Lift:

Bench Press

Warm-up Sets (w/ Fat Gripz Superset with Pull-ups):
BP: 45 x 10
PU: BW x 10

BP: 80 x 5
PU: BW x 10

BP: 100 x 5
PU: BW x 10

BP: 120 x 3
PU: BW x 10

Work Sets (Superset with Pull-ups):
BP: 140 x 3
PU: BW x 10

BP: 160 x 3
PU: BW x 10

BP: 180 x 6 (e1RM = 216)

Training Max:
BP: 195 x 1

Weights felt much easier today.
Think I could have done more reps on the top work set if my left hip didn’t start acting up causing an annoying pain as it tightened up.
Training Max set was feeling light and I think I could have easily done 2-4 more reps if I wanted to.

I dropped the weights on the pull-ups as I didn’t like not making all the reps per set.
Restart with the basics and it was easy enough super-setting and get all the reps in with just my body weight.
Guess next bench session I will add weight again in a more conservative manner and ONLY increase the weight if I manage to do all the reps.
I also dropped a set of pull-ups so when I add weight again I will only do 1 body weight warm-up set and teh rest with weights.

Assistance Exercises:

Overhead Press w/ Fat Gripz & Superset with Dips:
(40% of Training Max)

OHP: 45 x 10
Dips: BW x 10

BBB OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: BW x 8
Rest 1.5 min

BBB OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: BW x 8
Rest 2 min

BBB OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: BW x 6
Rest 2 min

BBB OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: BW x 7
Rest 2.5 min

BBB OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: BW x 7

Did the same and dropped the weight on the dips here for now.
Somehow I felt my triceps burning doing these super-set today!
First 5 reps of the press was easy enough but then it became more difficult on the subsequent reps to finish the set.

Kroc Rows (w/o Straps):

Left Arm:

Warm-up Sets:
105 x 5
105 x 5

Work Set:
105 x 20

Right Arm:

Warm-up Sets:
105 x 5
105 x 5

Work Set:
105 x 20

Added 5 lbs since last session.
Felt energetic still but somehow only managed 20 on each arm today.
Right arm was really difficult to do but I can tell my grip is better on the right as well.

Ab Wheel Rollouts:

5 x 10

30 second rest first 2 rests and then 45 second rest the rest of the time.
I actually tried standing AWR on the 4th set and managed to do 3 before I went back to kneeling.
It hurts!


Tabata Jump Rope: 1 set

Still feeling good.
Managed to do a couple double-unders when I tried on one interval.
Regular jumps the rest of the time but I am actually able to do more revolutions on the rope before I mess up.
I even managed to not mess up at all on the last interval!