Cycle 10 – 3s Week: Overhead Press: 12/28/12

Haven’t done much of anything since Monday.
Not much sleep and was tired most of the time so just rested the last few days and skipped some conditioning I had planned.
Had the night off the day before so after being up for another long time I finally managed to get 6 hours sleep then did stuff around the apartment and then a 3 hour nap before work.
Usually feel sluggish getting back to work after a night off but started feeling a but better as the shift ended and I prepped myself to go to the gym.
Took my usual pre-workout supplements and arrived at the gym feeling decent. (6/10)
Energy level improved a bit as I started my assistance exercises (7/10) and managed to sleep early to get enough rest for my shift later that night.

Still have the same issue with my left hip area feeling somewhat sore/tight and my right elbow tendinitis.
Otherwise it was a good session.


Body Weight: 169.5 lbs on 12/24/12

Pre-workout Warm-ups: 20 mins

Training Time: 1 hr 40 mins

Fasting Time: ~12 hours

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching
2 minutes Jump Rope

Main Lift:

Overhead Press:

Warm-up Sets (w/ Fat Gripz Superset with Chin-ups):
OHP: 45 x 10
CU: BW x 10

OHP: 50 x 5
CU: BW x 10

OHP: 60 x 5
CU: BW x 10

OHP: 75 x 3
CU: BW x 8

Work Sets (Superset with Chin-ups):
OHP: 85 x 3
CU: BW x 8

OHP: 100 x 3
CU: BW x 10

OHP: 110 x 5 (e1RM = 128)

Training Max:
OHP: 120 x 1

Sets felt very easy.
Easy enough to do extra reps on the top work set and felt like I still had at least 1 more in the tank saved.

Assistance Exercises:

Bench Press w/ Fat Gripz & superset with Dips:
(50% of Training Max)

BP:45 x 10
Dips: BW x 10

BP: 100 x 10
Dips: BW x 10
Rest: 1.5 mins

BP: 100 x 10
Dips: BW x 8
Rest: 2 mins

BP: 100 x 10
Dips: BW x 6
Rest: 1.5 mins

BP: 100 x 10
Dips: BW x 5
Rest: 1.5 mins

BP: 100 x 10
Dips: BW x 5

Increased the weight of the bench press slightly as it felt easy enough last session.
I did decrease the weight for dips and just did body weight for now until I can do 10 reps on each set.
My triceps felt like they are burning as I start the 3rd set on the dips!

Kroc Rows (w/ wrist straps):

Left Arm:
Warm-up Sets: 105 x (2 x 5)
Work Set: 105 x 27

Right Arm:
Warm-up Sets: 105 x (2 x 5)
Work Set: 105 x 20

Think I could have done 1-3 more reps on the left arm work set but i just wussed out.
Had a good rhythm on my right side until my right elbow acted up and made me drop the dumbbell!
I felt I could have done at least 5 more reps if my right elbow didn’t act up!

Dumbbell Side Bends (w/ Fat Gripz):

Left Side:
45 lbs x (5 x 10)

Right Side:
45 lbs x (5 x 10)

Sets was easy enough but what made it challenging was the grip work due to the Fat Gripz.


Tabata Jump Rope:

Work Sets: 8 x 20 seconds
Rest: 10 seconds/set

Really enjoy doing this as a finisher.
I may do something else as a finisher if I get bored.