5/3/1: Cycle 11 – 3s Week: Squat (270 x 6 / TM 295 x 1): 1/28/13

28 Jan

Cycle 11 – 3s Week: Squat: 1/28/13

Slept around 7-8 hours sleep.
Today felt similar to last squat session.
Started off feeling good as I arrived at the gym. (6/10)
Ate 2 bananas during my squat warm-up sets and I think that energized me a little more (7/10)
I felt real good once I started mys quat work sets! (8/10)
But energy dipped progressively during my accessory work starting with the box Front Squats (6/10) then SLDL (5/10) and Toes To Bar (4/10).
I think this dip in energy is attributed to not having enough food the day before, specially during dinner time before bed.
At least I did what I had to do!

I really have to watch my nutrition specifically the day before a training session.


Weight: 166 lbs since 1/27/13

Pre-workout Warm-up Time: 20 minutes

Training Time: 1 hr 30 mins

Fasted Time: ~12-13 hours

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching
1 minute Vertical Jumps
2 minute Jump Rope

Main Lift:


Warm-up Sets:
45 x 10
120 x 5
150 x 5
180 x 5

Work Sets:
210 x 3
240 x 3
270 x 6 (e1RM = 324)

Training Max Set:
295 x 1

Really happy I deloaded.
Made me work on my form and think it is improving greatly.
Squats today felt real solid!
Think there was a slight chest dip but I caught myself and corrected it on the top work set.
Also I had a slight dizzy spell at the last rep of my top work set making me stop even though I felt like I could do at least 1 more rep!

I think on the 1s week of my squat session I will skip the training max set and attempt to work on breaking my actual 1RM, depending on how I feel that day.

Assistance Exercises:

Front Box Squat:

Warm-up Set:
45 x 10

Work Sets:
(40% of estimated 1RM)

95 x 10
– 1.5 min rest
95 x 10
– 1.5 min rest
95 x 10
– 2 min rest
95 x 10
– 2 min rest
95 x 10

Energy level dipped and struggling to do all sets.
At least I was able to do all the reps I wanted but I ended up having to use my belt starting with the 3rd set.
Still need major work on my front squat so decided to do box front squats to work on guestimating depth.
Found that helped when I was working on my back squat and hope it helps me on my front squat.

Stiff Legged Deadlift:
(45% of Deadlift Training Max)

160 x 10
– 1 min rest
160 x 10
– 1 min rest
160 x 10
– 1 min rest
160 x 10
– 1.5 min rest
160 x 10

Decent enough sets.
Think I need to keep my legs straighter.
Maybe stand on a platform to help keep it straighter.
And also making sure I keep my lower back arched and chest up!

Hanging Leg Raise (Toes to Bar):

1 x 8
Rest 1 minute

1 x 6
Rest 1 minutes

1 x 6
Rest 1 minutes

1 x 6
Rest 1 minutes

1 x 7

Really tired at this point but I just pushed on!


Jump Rope:

Time: 5 minutes
Rest: Whenever

5 minute non-stop jump rope again.
No quad burn this time around as I switched off how I jumped rope.
think I made more mistakes too this time due to fatigue.

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