LeanGains: +19 Weeks Review

Body Pics:

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Body Stats:

Stat: 9/9/12 / 1/27/13 / Difference 

Height: 5′ 8″
Weight (lbs): 179.5 / 166.00 / -13.50
Body Fat %: 17.00% / 13.90% / -3.10%
Neck: 16.00″ / 15.25″ / -0.75″
Shoulders: 47.00″ / 46.00″ / -1.00″
Chest: 39.00″ / 37.25″ / -1.75″
Arms: 14.50″ / 14.00″ / -0.50″
Forearms: 10.00″ / 10.50″ / +0.50″
Waist: 34.50″ / 32.00″ / -2.50″
Hips: 36.50″ / 35.00″ / -1.50″
Thighs: 23.75″ / 22.25″ / -1.50″
Calves: 15.00″ / 14.25″ / -0.75″


So I attempted a Paleo diet a while ago with good success.
A week or so afterwards I started on LeanGains after coincidences kept having me stumble about it.
19 weeks later and I have made decent progress on my attempt to get leaner!

My goal was to try to get as close to 10% body fat or lower.
In the time that I have been doing LeanGains I managed to get closer to that goal.
I think this is the leanest I have ever been in my life!

There was stumbling blocks along the way but it wasn’t too bad a ride.
The toughest was adjusting to the fasting regimen.
This makes the first couple weeks difficult as I at times felt weaker.
Not new to me considering this is something I have experienced when I attempted Paleo at first.

I was very rigid at first, like when I started on Paleo, and made sure to count everything I ate and eat only during my eating window and none during my fasting window.
Calorie counting stopped once I got better at guestimating my meals again.
There were times when I did have some speed bumps along the way (i.e.: dirty meals, broken fasts, etc) but it didn’t ruin me.
In fact, I think there were times when my body actually needed the extra nourishment that I was holding back from that I thought I ended up having an unplanned cheat meal!

If I have to start all over again I probably do something like this.
Make sure to eat more healthy fats!
Eat more protein!
Get more sleep!

Unfortunately life is not perfect so I have to make do with what I have.
I enjoyed LeanGains but I may modify it slightly due to my schedule.
Still will fast but may make my eating and fasting windows different on some days but will try to keep it in a LeanGains protocol when I can.

Right now I just want to get to 10% Body Fat and then do a clean bulk while maintaining as a low body fat as possible!
I know that the leaner you get the more difficult it is to achieve but I will at least try!
Those last few percentages will be another adventure!