Conditioning: 2/16/13

Muay Thai:

Time: 1 hour

I was feeling a little under the weather after yesterdays lifting session so I was not sure if I was going to be able to do today’s class at my friends school.
Woke up and took my dogs and felt a little better after taking a quick hot shower.
So decided to go and had a great time training but I noticed that I was getting fatigued quicker than usual.

I started feeling more lethargic later on at work and having cold symptoms.
Couple days later I went to see the doctor and had some antibiotics given to me.
Next time I should listen more to my body and should have skipped the lifting session the day before and seen the doctor instead!

Now I am giving myself an impromptu break from training.
At least I hope all my other broken body parts heal as I take a 2 week break from training … which will probably drive me crazy not doing anything!