5/3/1: +60 Weeks Progress Review
(Day 1: Carb Back-Loading)

Body Pics:

Day 1: 1/1/2012
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+60 Weeks (Day 1: Carb Back-Loading): 2/23/13
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Body Stats:

Stat: 1/1/12 / 2/23/13 / Difference (Previous Month)

Height: 5′ 8″
Weight (lbs): 183.00 / 165.00 / -18.00 (-1.00)
Body Fat %: 21.50% / 15.00% / -6.50% (+1.10%)
Neck: 15.50″ / 15.25″ / -0.25″ (0.00″)
Shoulders: 46.75″ / 46.00″ / -0.75″ (0.00″)
Chest: 39.00″ / 37.00″ / -2.00″ (-0.25″)
Arms: 14.50″ / 14.00″ / -0.50″ (0.00″)
Forearms: 10.00″ / 10.50″ / +0.50″ (0.00″)
Waist: 36.00″ / 32.50″ / -3.50″ (+0.50″)
Hips: 36.25″ / 36.00″ / -0.25″ (+1.00″)
Thighs: 24.00″ / 22.50″ / -1.50″ (+0.25″)
Calves: 15.00″ / 14.50″ / -0.50″ (+0.25″)


(Estimated 1RM in lbs)
Lift: Start / Current Max / Difference

Squat: 280 / 350/ +70
Bench Press: 240 / 259 / +19
Power Clean: 126 / 170 / +44
Deadlift: 342 / 414 / +72
Overhead Press: 146 / 154 / +8




Lifts are still progressing, albeit slowly.
Managed to aggravate some sprained body parts.
Also pushed myself too hard while not getting adequate rest prompting my immune system to drop and catching an infection last week.
Really need to stop being stubborn and trying to be “Hardcore ” and listen to my body when it is desperately trying to talk to me!
Because of that I started my 2 week layoff from training last Sunday.
(Antibiotics for 10 days and added extra few days just for more recovery from sprained body parts.)
Just 1 more week to go and going stir crazy that I won’t be training but taking the extra few days in hope that my body gets near 100% again.

Body changes are interesting as I gained some and lost some.
Taking my progress this last 4 weeks easily considering I am sick the last week of it.

I have been interested with another “Diet” program called Carb Back-Loading and been reading up on it for a while now.
With my success with Paleo and Leangains since the end of last summer, I decided to give it a test run last week, until I realized there was a few key elements missing.
So I actually finished reading the eBook and continue to read up on articles to help with how I will be doing this considering my hectic schedule!

Starting today I am doing the “Preparation Phase” of Carb Back-Loading!
(I actually stopped eating “Useable Carbs” after breakfast/brunch yesterday but will use today as “Day 1”)
So no “Useable Carbs” for at least a week!
(Just fibrous vegetables but no starchy tubers and such items! Just Protein, Fats and Fibrous Veggies!)
No lifting or martial arts next week so I “may” do some quick HIIT drills at home a coupel of times just to burn up my glycogen storage faster.
This week will be VERY challenging for me considering I will NOT be lifting and I will have NO “Useable Carbs” until the following Sunday night when I start my Backload!
Just like Paleo and LeanGains, I will test Carb Back-loading at least 12 weeks and see where I go from there.

My goal with Carb Back-Loading?
Get to as low body fat as possible while building muscle!
I feel like I am getting too “Lean” with my goal of getting to 10% Body Fat while doing Leangains, even though I am not there yet.
I still want to lose more body fat but I want to gain more muscle mass as well!
So I guess I will be doing a Body Recomposition, at least attempt to, the next few weeks then reassess again from there.

Always reassessing myself every now and then!