Cycle 12 – 5s Week: Squat: 3/11/13

Had 6 hours sleep and felt like I could have slept some more.
Think I did not backload enough again the night before.
Felt decent as I arrived to the gym. (6/10)
Think I am still assimilating to my new supplement protocol as my energy level was not as great today and actually dipped as I went through today’s session.
Also, I was too stubborn and decided to not deload the weight today.
First big mistake.
Definitely need to deload the weight next squat session to make up for the 2 week layoff.
Strength dipped a bit and I need to build myself back up again.
Really need to stop being stubborn.

Also, noticed that somehow my lower back is feeling a bit raw.
Think I may have not healed well enough during those 2 weeks off …


Weight: 163.6 lbs since 3/10/13

Pre-workout Warm-up Time: 20 minutes

Training Time: 1 hr 30 mins

Fasted Time: ~11 hours

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching
1 minute Vertical Jumps
2 minute Jump Rope

Main Lift:


Warm-up Sets:
45 x 10
125 x 5
155 x 5
188 x 3

Work Sets:
200 x 5
230 x 5
260 x 5 (e1RM = 303)

Training Max Set:
305 x 1

First 2 work sets felt easy enough.
But for some weird reason my energy level dipped (5/10) and I felt dizzy at the end of the 2nd work set.
Energy level dipped again on the top work set (4/10) and also felt dizzy.
Finished the training max set feeling like I could have done 2 more reps if needed.
Think my form is solid at least.
Debating on deloading the Training Max set for the rest of the cycle by -10%!

Assistance Exercises:

Front Box Squat:

Warm-up Set:
45 x 10

Work Sets:
(30% of estimated 1RM)

75 x 10
– 1 min rest
75 x 10
– 1 min rest
75 x 10
– 1.5 min rest
75 x 9
– 1.5 min rest
75 x 8

Dropped the weight as I felt weaker. (5/10)
Sets felt difficult today more than usual.

Stiff Legged Deadlift on Deficit:
(40% of Deadlift Training Max)

150 x 10
– 1 min rest
150 x 7
– 1 min rest
150 x 8
– 1 min rest
150 x 8
– 1 min rest
150 x 6

Really felt my lower back feeling raw as I did this.
Made the lift difficult.
Then my energy level dropped again on the 4th set (4/10) and felt dizzy again.
May need to drastically drop the weight next time and work up.

Hanging Leg Raise (Toes to Bar):

1 x 7
Rest 45s

1 x 7
Rest 60s

1 x 7
Rest 1 minute

1 x 7
Rest 1 minute

1 x 7

Really hurting as I did these!


Tabata Jump Rope:

Work: 20s x 8
Rest: 10s x 8

Fatigued by now (5/10)but managed to finish the session with some decent jump rope.