Conditioning: 3/21/13

Prowler Push/Pull w/ Elevation Training Mask:

Weight: 70 lbs
Movement: 20 yd Pull then 20 yd Push/Set
Sets: 10
Rest Time: 1 minute/set
Total Time: 15m 8.03s
Terrain: Pavement
Elevation Mask Setting: 3000 ft

Received my new Black Widow Push/Pull Sled (aka The Prowler) and wanted to test it out with my new elevation training mask.
Decided to start slow by using a very light load.
Whole session was felt easy enough but I did have to catch my breath during the rest time.
Will need to at least increase the weight next session.
Really enjoying the new prowler and training mask!

I used to have the Dick’s Sporting Goods “Proviction Sled”
I destroyed the ski on it in less than a year and ended up returning it for a refund!
My advice is to ALWAYS buy a sled that has replaceable skis!
My new sled is a Black Widow Push/Pull Sled and it is slightly cheaper than a prowler but feels and looks SOLID!
I also bought the replacement skis for it so I don’t have to worry about a replacement for a while!

Posted Image
Pic of the Black Widow!

Posted Image
Me w/ my new Elevation Training Mask after today’s conditioning!