Cycle 12 – 5s Week: Overhead Press: 3/22/13

Slept a solid 7 hours before work!
Today I added a new supplement called Glycofuse.
Read about it recently and was hesitant at first to use it until some people in the Carb Backloading forum suggested it.
Arrived at the gym feeling great! (7/10)
Actually smarted up today and deloaded all my weights.
Not sure if its the lighter weight or the new supplement but I was feeling REALLY charged today!
Energy level was soaring most of the session and I felt great!

Overall an excellent session!


Body Weight: 165 lbs on 3/17/13

Pre-workout Warm-ups: 20 mins

Training Time: 1 hr 20 mins

Fasting Time: ~11 hours

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching
2 minutes Jump Rope

Main Lift:

Overhead Press:

Warm-up Sets (w/ Fat Gripz Superset with Chin-ups):
OHP: 45 x 10
CU: BW x 10

OHP: 50 x 5
CU: +25 x 10

OHP: 60 x 5
CU: +25 x 10

OHP: 70 x 3
CU: +25 x 10

Work Sets (Superset with Chin-ups):
OHP: 75 x 5
CU: +25 x 10

OHP: 90 x 3
CU: +25 x 8

OHP: 100 x 8 (e1RM = 127)

Training Max:
OHP: 115 x 1

Felt real good even before I started.
Started my warm-up sets with an increased energy level! (8/10)
With the lower weight I made sure to fix an issue I didn’t realize I have been doing.
I made sure my lower back was nicely and tightly arched!
Clenched my glutes and made the whole lift stable and easier!
By the time I started my work set I felt even better! (9/10)
Sets felt so easy that I was able to do extra reps on the top set and felt like I could have done 2 more if I wanted to.

Assistance Exercises:

Bench Press w/ Fat Gripz & superset with Dips:
(50% of Training Max)

BP:45 x 10
Dips: BW x 10

BP: 75x 10
Dips: BW x 10
Rest: 1 mins

BP: 75 x 10
Dips: BW x 8
Rest: 1 mins

BP: 75 x 10
Dips: BW x 5
Rest: 1 mins

BP: 75 x 10
Dips: BW x 5
Rest: 1 mins

BP: 75 x 10
Dips: BW x 4

Bench felt easy enough.
Decided to make sure I have a 3 second tempo bringing the bar down to my chest and then push it as fast as I can back up.
I was still on fire but my arms are just fried not letting me do all the reps I wanted, still.
Tried a lower body stance as if I was squatting but lying on a bench which seemed to help my lower body stability.

Kroc Rows (w/ wrist straps):

Left Arm:
Warm-up Sets: 90 x (2 x 5)
Work Set: 90 x 31

Right Arm:
Warm-up Sets: 90 x (2 x 5)
Work Set: 90 x 33

Think I got a second wind as I was setting up for the rows (9/10).
dropped the weight a bit and they felt easier to do.
Wanted to hit 35 reps on each arm but just lost my will before my grip.

Dumbbell Side Bends (w/ Fat Gripz):

Left Side:
45 x (5 x 10)

Right Side:
45 x (5 x 10)

Rest time was 30s to 50s progressively.
Easy enough sets.


Jump Rope:

Work: 5 minutes
Rest: none

Good finisher and still felt decent enough to end it all (7/10)