Conditioning: 3/27/13

Walk/Sprint w/ Dogs:

Time: 28 m 12 s
Distance: 1.36 miles

Walk to Class:

Time: 15 m 8 s
Distance: 0.9 miles

Conditioning Class:

Time: 20 – 30 mins

Walk Home:

Time: 17 m 42 s
Distance: 0.91 miles

Slept for around 6 hours before work.
Think taking 10g glutamine before bed with a protein shake is helping with my sleep quality.
Slept like a baby and could have slept longer if the wife didn’t wake me up!

Have the night off but my son has spring break so decided to do some early morning conditioning instead of Muay Thai later tonight.

Had to take the dogs out anyways when I arrived home so decided to do an impromptu Walk/Sprint intervals with them.
Didn’t go crazy and did the first 5 minutes just walking then did sprint intervals as we arrived at the trail we were headed to.

Took a 1/2 hour break to get myself ready for class then walked to the school.
Ended up being the only person in class and we did a nice but tough conditioning circuit.
Didn’t use the Training Mask today as I didn’t feel like I was up to it today.
Good thing too as I almost passed out on the last couple of reps doing Thrusters!

Finished the session earlier and did some stretches then walked home feeling good.
Hopefully the weather is good tomorrow so I can do some sled push/pull drills!