Conditioning: 3/28/13

Jump Rope:

Time: 5 minutes
Training Mask Setting: 3000 ft

Prowler Push:

Weight: 90 lbs
Terrain: Pavement
Laps: 10
Distance/Lap: 40 yards
Rest/Lap: 1 minute
Total time: 13 m 22.56 s
Training Mask Setting: 3000 ft

Beautiful day outside so decided to do some Prowler conditioning.
Lowest setting on my training mask and started it with a nice 5 minute warm-up with my jump rope.
Even at lowest setting it is a bit difficult and sure I will acclimate soon enough to increase the elevation setting in a few weeks.

Took a minute after my warm-up to prep the Prowler then started pushing it.
Really like that I warmed up first with the jump rope as my body is looser as I started pushing.
Damn it makes me have to catch my breath and REALLY learn to control my breathing as I do this and during my rest time!
I can see this getting real fun as I increase the weight on the prowler and the elevation on the mask in time!