Conditioning: Krav Maga & Heavy Bag Class w/ Training Mask: 3/30/13

30 Mar

Conditioning: 3/30/13

Krav Maga:

Time: 1 hour

Heavy Bag Class w/ Elevation Training Mask:

Time: 1 hour
Training Mask Setting: 3000 ft

Felt really good today as I finished work then walked my dogs then went to my class for some early morning conditioning.
Didn’t use the training mask for most of the Krav Maga class.
But I did use it for most of the Heavy Bag Class.

Starting to get more of a hang to it and can see myself increasing the setting in a few more weeks.
I did feel really charged somehow throughout the class today!
Think that Glycofuse with my Pre & Intra drink is what is causing it!

This is a pic of me right after class with the Elevation Training Mask with the new sleeve!
Posted Image

And I actually got filmed without me doing it this time by one of the instructors in school.
I am the sexy hot guy at the end 🙂
(Struggling on holding a plank lol.)

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