Cycle 12 – 3s Week: Power Clean (130 x 4 / TM 140 x 1) & Deadlift (300 x 5 / TM 330 x 1): 4/2/13

02 Apr

Cycle 12 – 3s Week: Power Clean & Deadlift: 4/2/13

Solid sleep of 6.5 hours before work.
Today I somehow felt extra charged!
Made some slight changes to my Intra drink.
This time my Intra consists of the following:

28g (1 serving) Glycofuse + 20g Casein Hydrolysate + 10g Leucine + 2g Citrulline Malate + 2 g Beta Alanine in 40 oz ice cold water
Only took 1 caffeine pill with my Pre-training shake of 10g Leucine + 1 tbsp MCT Oil + 2g Citrulline Malate + 2g Beta Alanine.
A while back I was getting headaches during my session and was thinking it was due to taking 2 tabs of caffeine pills (200mg/serving).

Arrived at the gym feeling fine (6/10) but my energy level progressively increased as I did my session (8/10)!
Something else I noticed is that I felt VERY clear headed throughout the session!
From start to finish is like walking on the clouds!
Not foggy but just everything seems in place!

I also made sure I backload real well this time the night before!
So not sure if it was the good backload I did the night before or the new way I am supplementing or a combination of both that made my session feel great!
Need to test this out some more.

Overall an awesome session without any body parts aching as well!


Body Weight: 168 lbs on 3/31/13

Pre-workout Warm-ups: 20 mins

Training Time: 1 hr 45 mins

Hours in fast: ~12 hours

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching
1 minute Vertical Jumps
2 minute Jump Rope

Main Lift(s):

Power Clean:

Warm-up Sets:
60 x 5
70 x 5
85 x 3

Work Sets:
100 x 3
115 x 3
130 x 4 (e1RM = 147)

Training Max Set:
140 x 1

By the time I started my 2nd warm-up set I was already feeling better (7/10)
Weights felt really light as if the bar is jumping on their own onto my shoulders!
I like to put the belt on during my top set and I think I shouldn;’t have.
Had to take it off mid set as the positioning was kinda off.
Could have done more reps on the top work set(at least 2 more I think) but wanted to give myself some charge for the rest of the session.
Just focusing mostly on proper form and I think I am doing well with it.


Warm-up Sets:
165 x 5
200 x 3

Work Sets:
235 x 3
265 x 3
300 x 5 (e1RM = 350)

Training Max Set:
330 x 1

Sets felt nice and easy.
By the time I did my 2nd work set is when I started realizing that I am feeling VERY clear headed!
On the top work set I wanted to experiment with switching my mixed grip around and realized I didn’t like it.
Could have done at least 1 more rep on the top set but saved that in the bank.
Training Max set is when I had an energy burst and started feeling even better (8/10)!

Assistance Exercises:

Box Squat:
(35 % of Training Max)

45 x 10

100 x 10
– Rest 1 mins
100 x 10
– Rest 1 mins
100 x 10
– Rest 1 mins
100 x 10
– Rest 1 mins
100 x 10

Still feeling charged after the deadlift (8/10) and remained feeling like this the rest of the session!
Bar felt super light as I slowly descend into the whole and made sure I explode on the way up!

Good Mornings:

45 x 10

95x 10
Rest: 1 min

95 x 10
Rest: 1 min

95 x 10
Rest: 1 min

95 x 10
Rest: 1 min

95 x 10

Still feeling charged and the bar is also feeling light again!
Made my movement nice and easy.
Taking my time to feel those muscles stretch!


BW x 20
Rest: 30 s

BW x 20
Rest: 30 s

BW x 20
Rest: 30 s

BW x 15
Rest: 30 s

BW x 10

Still feeling good but it just hurts so much to do this.
Could have done all the reps on the last 2 sets but that would mean I will have to do few second rest mid set which I didn’t want.
next time!


Jump Rope: 

Time: 5 minutes

Energy dipped a bit but still feeling awesome! (7/10)
Did some nice jump rope and some I think I was moving quite faster than normal!

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