Conditioning: 4/10/13

Run to class w/ Training Mask:

Distance: 0.91 miles
Time: 9 m 52 s
Training Mask Setting: 3000 ft

Conditioning Class w/ Training Mask:

Time: 45 minutes
Training Mask Setting: 6000 ft

Run back home w/ Training Mask:

Distance: 0.91 miles
Time: 10 m 23 s
Training Mask Setting: 6000 ft

Slept around 6.5 hours before work and was debating what to do after my shift ended.
Was originally planning to drag my sled to class but I had some other errands I had to do before class so decided to just run there.
Normally I would be going to Muay Thai later that night but my schedule is preventing me to do that at optimal condition so I decided to do something else for conditioning today.

First time running non-stop anywhere in a while and definitely first time with a training mask.
Felt easy enough the run there so decided to increase the setting for the class and the run back home.

Only managed to do 1/2 the class with the mask on before I couldn’t take it anymore.
I was surprised that I was at least able to control my breathing better on both my run to and from class!