Conditioning: 4/14/13

Jog w/ Dogs w/ Training Mask:

Lap 1: 1.18 mile – 17 m 48.28 s
Lap 2: 0.83 mile – 12 m 31.30 s

My left hip was pulsating and bothering me all night at work.
I got home and it is still annoying me but its a nice day out and I have to take my dogs out.
Haven’t really ran much lately so grabbed my training mask and realized a piece of it is missing!
Think I may have dropped it as removed it during my Heavy Bag Class yesterday!
(Good thing I had an extra piece but I still wanted to find the one I lost)
So did a nice long loop towards the school, took a 2 minute break to realize it is not there, and then headed back home.

The jog itself was not bad and I took it slightly easy because it’s been a while since I ran with my Vibram shoes and never with a mask.
Funny enough, I think my 2 dogs are out of shape as they normally drag me and today they was slowing me down!
Next time I want to try do 3 miles and see how fast I can do it w/ and w/o the mask!