Conditioning: 4/24/13

Sled Drag to class:

Time: ~40 minutes
Weight: +50 lbs
Distance: ~ 1 mile

Krav Maga:

Time: 1 hour

Sled Drag back home:

Time: ~40 minutes
Weight: +50 lbs
Distance: ~ 1 mile

Have the night off later that day and it was nice and sunny out.
So decided to drag the sled to class and back.
No training mask this time but with a little weight to start with.

RunKeeper app still messing with me so exact time and distance is not known and I think I will start using my GPS watch next time.
Good thing I started light as this sled is slightly heavier than my old one and it was a challenge dragging it to class.
Having just finished an 8 hour work shift didn’t help either.

Krav Maga class was good and one of my instructors been saying he wants to sit on my sled as I pull it for a while.
Today was the day and we did a short sprint with him on it.
Around 30 yard sprint with him on the sled then 30 yard drag back.
Can see a quick video of it on FaceBook here: http://www.facebook….151415051657887 or http://www.facebook….151415051657887

After class enjoyed the sun as I dragged my sled back home.