Conditioning: 4/27/13

Krav Maga:

Time: 1 hour

Heavy Bag Class:

Time: 1 hour

Was kinda iffy if I should go to class today.
Arrived home from work feeling a bit tired (4/10) and sleepy.
Took my Pre-workout shake and started feeling better as I sipped my Intra-workout shake as I warmed up for class.

No mask again today.
As my supplements and caffeine hit I somehow felt UNSTOPPABLE!
At one point we were doing striking drills during Krav Maga and switching around who we hit holding the bag and I was about to switch to another person when the timer rang to stop the drill and they were saying “Thank God! I am afraid of you!”
Is it wrong that made me feel good?

Then some random new student wanted me to show him some stuff right after Krav Maga and I told him to just do the Heavy Bag Class with us.
Good choice and I can tell he enjoyed that as well as much as I enjoy doing the Heavy Bag Class. which is one of the most favorite things I like to do for conditioning!

Overall an AWESOME session considering I almost decided to not go at all today!