Conditioning: 5/18/13

Krav Maga:

Time: 1 hour


Heavy Bag Class:

Time: 1 hour

I was real excited to do today’s conditioning as I finished my work and walked my dogs before class.
Started off feeling kinda iffy if I should skip the first class (5/10) but in the end I took my Pre and started feeling awesome as the session progressed!
I actually started feeling real good that I ended up doing some sit-ups hanging of a mat covered pole for a couple reps during a short break during the Krav Maga class.

I was even more energized (8/10) during the Heavy Bag class!
While doing some intervals and it was time to do regular sit-ups off the mat I decided to do them on the heavy bag!
I even wore my training mask for the 1st few minutes of the class as well.
(Not sure how long I wore it exactly)
Good times!