+12 Weeks Carb Back-loading Review
(2/23/13 – 5/19/13)

Body Pics:


Body Stats:

Stat: 2/23/13 –  5/19/13 – Difference

Height: 5′ 8″
Weight (lbs): 165.00 / 170.60 / +5.6
Body Fat %: 15.00% / 13.90% / -1.10%
Neck: 15.25″ / 15.00″ / -0.25″
Shoulders: 46.00″ / 46.00″ / 0.00″
Chest: 37.00″ / 37.50″ / +0.50″
Arms: 14.00″ / 14.00″ / 0.00″
Forearms: 10.50″ / 10.50″ / 0.00″
Waist: 32.50″ / 32.50″ / 0.00″
Hips: 36.00″ / 34.00″ / -2.00
Thighs: 22.50″ / 23.00″ / +0.50″
Calves: 14.50″ / 14.75″ / +0.25″


It’s finally been 12 weeks since I started my adventure in Carb Back-Loading (CBL).
Learned much from my time doing a Paleo Diet and doing LeanGains.
Both are done while doing 5/3/1 program and the same with CBL.

While I lost both weight and body fat doing Paleo and Leangains, I made a slightly different goal while doing CBL.
I noticed that while I was getting very lean with Leangains, I was also losing some Lean Body Mass (LBM).
I am guessing that I may not have been eating enough protein and could have prevented that.

Goal while doing Carb Back-loading was to lose or at least maintain a low body fat while gaining some lean body mass back!
It looks like I achieved my goal considering I gained approximately 6 lbs of LBM and dropped my body fat by 1.1%!

It is somewhat hard to tell by the progress pic but the measurements show some small changes.
Slowly filling up in parts while leaning out in other areas.

I know I could probably had better results but I had a few obstacles that was in my way.
First of them is the fact that my schedule makes it hard to optimize Carb Back-Loading.
Working night shift already can cause many issues with my body so I had to tweak things around to make the program work for me.
Also had a few times my meals was not proper and slowed down my progress.

In the end of the 12 weeks, progress is still progress!
I feel that I still have much to learn and will continue my adventure in Carb Back-Loading for a little while longer.
I am confident that with a few more tweaks I can make Carb Back-Loading work better for me even with my less than optimal schedule!

In my journey to achieve a better me, I have learned much about myself and how my body works from trying out Paleo, LeanGains and now with Carb Back-Loading.

You can find some good info about Carb Back-Loading at the founders website here: http://athlete.io/