I have been doing 5/3/1 for almost 2 years now.
Started on 1/2/2012 and loving the program in the 92 weeks or so I have been following it.
Had a few speed bumps in life while doing it but really enjoying its flexibility.

A few weeks ago I got sick again and decided to finally read the latest edition in Jim Wendler’s program called: “Beyond 5/3/1“.
I like the changes and many templates included in it so decided to use my last cycles lifts as my starting numbers and redo 5/3/1 again in a new thread while also implementing some of the new changes found in the new ebook.

So let’s start.


5/3/1: Pt 2: Starting Stats

Body Pics:

Day 1: 11/3/13

Body Stats:

Stat: 11/3/13

Height: 5′ 8″
Weight (lbs): 176.60
Body Fat %: 16.70%
Neck: 15.50″
Shoulders: 46.75″
Chest: 37.75″
Arms: 14.25″
Forearms: 10.50″
Waist: 34.50″
Hips: 36.00″
Thighs: 23.75″
Calves: 15.00″


Cycle 16, 1s Week Weight and Reps used to restart.

(All weights are measured in lbs.)

Squat: 300 x 3, 330 e1RM
Bench Press: 195 x 6, 234 e1RM
Power Clean: 155 x 3, 170 e1RM
Deadlift: 355 x 3, 390 e1RM
Overhead Press: 130 x 4, 147 e1RM


Cycles & Deloads:

  • For most of the 92 or so weeks I used 5/3/1, I did not have a set deload schedule and this will change for this new chapter.
  • As per Beyond 5/3/1 suggestion, I will do 2 cycles back to back and the last week will be a deload week. Rinse-Repeat. (ie: C1W1, C1W2, C1W3, C2W1, C2W2, C3W3, Deload)
  • After the Deload week the next Cycle may have the program template change to something else suggested in the eBook, depending on my current goal.
  • Current plan is to do 6 weeks of Rest Pause Training (aka DC Training) possibly followed by a Hypertrophy Phase cycle and a Strength Phase cycle then whatever I feel I need.


  • As per suggested in the eBook, will attempt to keep a schedule of 2 Conditioning Days and 2 Flexibility/Mobility Days to help with my 2 Days/Week of Lifting.
  • Conditioning will primarily be Martial Arts, Prowler, and/or other Interval work.
  • Flexibility/Mobility will primarily be Foam Rolling, DeFranco’s “Limber 11” and maybe some at home Yoga.
  • Part of recovery will be done by attempting to have as many epsom salt baths as possible throughout the week.