Conditioning: 11/6/13

Strength & Conditioning Class:

Time: 45 minutes

Heavy Bag:

Rounds: 5
Work: 3 minutes:
Rest: 2 minutes

Decent feeling after work (5/10) and went to my school for the Strength & Conditioning class.
Mostly doing High Interval work and makes me want to vomit right before the class is over.
Good class overall and great for conditioning.

After I got a quick breather, I got help to hang a heavy bag up and started to beat on it.
I did feel slightly better (6/10) as I was beating on the heavy bag and probably getting my second wind!
Good day overall.


I sold my old pair of gloves and bought 2 new pairs!

The black Top King on the left is going to be my primary sparring gloves.
The brown Fairtex on the right will be my primary bag/pads gloves.