Conditioning: 11/20/13

Strength & Conditioning Class:

Time: 45 minutes

Heavy Bag:

Rounds: 5
Work: 3 minutes
Rest: 1 minute between rounds

Feeling good as I finished my shift and excited to do some conditioning and hitting the heavy bag.
Walked a mile to the school and was feeling good as I arrived (6/10).
Didn’t have time to do some of my usual pre-training warm-ups and just started the class.
Good class overall for conditioning and definitely helped as a warm-up for when I hit the bag afterwards.

Decreased the rest period between rounds this time and only made it 1 minute.
Used a new app called “Shoutbox Workout Timer“.

I like it so far as it helps me work on various strikes and movements.
I do need to play around with some settings to make the rounds create better combos.

Otherwise a good training day so far as I walked back home.