Conditioning: 11/23/13

Heavy Bag Class:

Time: 1 hour

Feeling good as I finished my shift and prepped for my favorite class of the week! (6/10)
Did my usual of taking a nice hot shower before heading.
Taped my right foot due to some issues I am still having mostly on my right big toe knuckle and just in case on my right ankle, which I hurt a few days before..

Quick mobility work and some Namman Muay Thai liniment on my shins.

Think my Pre kicked in real good as we were doing the warm-up conditioning work.
Started with clapping push-ups and ended up doing behind the back clapping push-ups when I was supposed to do push-ups during the circuit!
Too bad my camera was acting up and was not able to film it but will have to next time!

Good session hitting the heavy bag but I think my right big toe knuckle is still screwed up a bit.
Each time I connect my shins for a roundhouse kick it would like there’s a shock on my right big toe!
Good thing I am ambidextrous enough and used the other side for the rest of the bag work.

Finished it off with some bacon and eggs after class!