Conditioning: 11/27/13

S & C Class:

Time: 45 minutes

Heavy Bag:

Rounds: 5
Work: 3 minutes
Rest: 1 minute between rounds

Slept a solid 7 hours and then rushed to class.
I think the magic sleep number for me is 6 hours.
More or less than that and I don’t warm-up or energize fast enough as I start a session.

Started with Strength & Conditioning class doing a circuit that helped warm me up.
Followed it with some heavy bag work but reduced the intensity due to not feeling that energized today as last week.
(From 1.0 Intensity to 0.7)

And finally able to get one of the instructors to film my attempt to some behind the back push-ups after a couple minutes break from the heavy bag.

Flopped to the floor after the 12th rep.
Next time I need to keep my body straighter without my ass extended out …