Cycle 2 – 3s Week: Deadlift & Overhead Press: 12/6/13

Crazy sleep hours before I started my session making me kinda wary on how I would perform today.
Slept the night before for 2 hours, woke up for an hour.
Then slept for around 5-6 hours and was up about 8 hours before I took a 30 minute nap before work.
Once my shift was over, I walked my dogs and surprisingly was feeling decent as I set off to the gym (6/10)!
Energy level was mostly good throughout the session which really surprised me!

I even did some Power Cleans as a warm-up!

Unfortunately the camera on my phone is still acting up and no filming of my lifts until next session.
Otherwise a surprisingly great session today!


Body Weight: 182.8 lbs on 12/1/13

Pre-workout Warm-up Time: 15 minutes

Training Time: 2 hr 0 mins

Fasted Time: ~11 hours

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Limber 11
Dynamic Stretching
Mini-Band Exercises

Power Cleans

Main Lift(s):


Warm-up Sets:
145 x 5
180 x 5
220 x 3

Work Sets:
255 x 3
290 x 3
325 x 3 (e1RM = 357)
Rep Max Set:
255 x 12 (e1RM = 357)

Energy level spiked up slightly as I started my work set (7/10) and even more as I started the Rep Max set (8/10)!

All sets felt easy enough and made sure form was good.

Mixed grip as usual on the 3rd work set and all double overhand grip on the rep Max set.

At least 1 rep saved on each set.

Overhead Press:

Warm-up Sets:
45 x 5/5
60 x 5
75 x 5
90 x 3

Work Sets:
105 x 3
120 x 3
135 x 3 (e1RM = 148)

Rest Pause Sets:
105 x 11 (e1RM = 143)
-30 second rest
105 x 5
-30 second rest
105 x 2

Energy level is still good (7/10) and most of the sets felt easy enough.

3rd work set had 1 rep saved but all the reps on the Rest Pause set are to failure for once.

Assistance Exercises:

Kroc Rows:

Left Arm:

Warm-up Set: 115 x 5/5
Rep Max Set: 115 x 23

Right Arm:

Warm-up Set: 115 x 5/5
Rep Max Set: 115 x 23

Still feeling real good (7/10).

Tried to use some of the rubber pads some of the guys at the gym use on my 1st warm-up set and hated it so used bare hands and chalk the rest of the time.

Left side was to failure while the right side felt like I had at least 2 more reps in me.

Barbell Curls w/ Fat Gripz:

Warm-up Sets:
45 x 5/5

Rest Pause Sets:
60 x 12
– 30 second rest
60 x 8
– 30 second rest
60 x 5

Energy level dipped slightly (6/10) but still feel good.

Even though I did well I think I may drop the weight a bit by 5-10 lbs so I can easily do at least 20 reps on the 1st set.

Read somewhere to help build size on the arms to use light weight for tons of reps.

Toes to Bar:

1 x 8
– 30 second rest
1 x 7
– 30 second rest
1 x 4
– 30 second rest
1 x 5
– 30 second rest
1 x 3

Almost decided to skip this but still feeling decent enough (6/10).

Good sets overall to end the session!