At one point since I started lifting I managed to have some knee and elbow issues.
After researching on how to reduce this issues I somehow stumbled upon elbow and knee sleeves.
A brand that stood out among the rest is the Rehband brand for sleeves.
Since I have used them for a couple years now I agree with the many reviews about them.
There are other brands that can be bought (Tommy Kono, Vulcan, etc.) but I have not any experience with them.
I have been using my Rehband sleeves for a few years now and they seem like they will last a few more years longer!

I believe that these sleeves helped keep my joints warm and helped with doing the movements I needed to do for my training session for the day.

Rehband Elbow Sleeves:

Rehband Elbow Sleeve
When my elbows started acting up this is one of the sleeves I tried.
This provided a nice amount of warmth without adding any support for your elbows.
I like using these when I am doing upper body work or during any movements that would cause some strain on my elbows.
This is definitely something I would highly suggest for those than want an elbow sleeve that provides good warmth without any support added.
They are made of neoprene so they will make your joints sweaty as well and suggest washing them every now and then.



Inzer Elbow Sleeves XT:

Inzer Elbow Sleeve

This was the first elbow sleeve I bought before getting the Rehband ones.
The main difference I noticed when I got these is that the Inzer does not provide as much warmth as the Rehband ones.
BUT they do add some additional support.
I guess this could help when you need that extra bounce at the bottom of the bench press.
But I didn’t want any support for the sleeves and just wanted the warmth so I ended up returning these and got the Rehband instead.
They are made partly from wraps so that may be the reason they do not provide as much warmth as neoprene sleeves.



Rehband Knee Sleeves:

Rehband Blue Knee Sleeves
This knee sleeve is the first I bought before getting the elbow sleeves months later.
Whenever I do any lower body work I always put these on!
Just like the Rehband Elbow sleeves, these provide a great amount of warmth to the joints without adding much support.
I have never worked with knee wraps, yet, so cannot currently say the difference of using knee sleeves versus knee wraps.
I did read that for max attempt squats would be the good time to use knee wraps.
But for general use, knee sleeves are better.
They are also made of neoprene and just liek teh elbow sleeves, will make your joints sweaty and highly suggest washing them every now and then!