Rehband Warm PantsI somehow managed to hurt my left hip by the end of my training using the Mad Cow Intermediate 5×5 program.
This left me with a left hip that has been bothering me for over a year.
Some mobility work and time off helped but my left hip hasn’t been the same since.

By this time I have been using Rehband knee sleeves and read up on their warm pants.
After a long time debating, I ended up buying these and they have been great!

Just like the Elbow and Knee sleeves, they are made of neoprene material.
(So definitely will make you sweat and washing them is a must!)
They definitely help provide adequate amount of warmth in the groin, hip, thigh and butt areas.
They also provide some, but not much, compression in the areas.

I HIGHLY suggest wearing a “wicking” type underwear due to the amount of sweat you will be creating.

Wearing these, they “May” provide a very small “Bounce” at the bottom of the squat.
Probably more noticeable if you choose a much smaller size.

The only Con I would note about this is that a part of the seams somehow unraveled and I had to resew them together.
I don’t know how they compare to the newer version but I do wish they came in black.