5/3/1: Pt 3: Starting Stats

Body Pics:

Day 1: 7/13/14

Body Stats:

Stat: 7/13/14

Height: 5′ 8″
Weight (lbs): 163.4
Body Fat %: 13.70%
Neck: 13.00″
Shoulders: 43.00″
Chest: 36.00″
Arms: 14.00″
Forearms: 10.75″
Waist: 31.50″
Hips: 34.50″
Thighs: 22.00″
Calves: 14.75″


Squat: 225 x 6, 270 e1RM
Bench Press: 160 x 7, 197 e1RM
Power Clean: 115 x 6, 138 e1RM
Deadlift: 255 x 8, 323 e1RM
Overhead Press: 120 x 5, 117 e1RM


* Training Maxes lifted on 7/14/14 & 7/18/14.


This is a Restart of the 5/3/1 Program I have been doing for a while.

I stopped my regular training schedule due to a career change that left me unable to follow my regular training schedule.
Decided to focus on my priority and put my training on hold for a few weeks.

I managed to lose some weight and body fat since I stopped my regular training but looks like I also lost some of my strength.
So a full restart of the 5/3/1 program was decided by me.
Above is my starting profile and I hope to get back to my old lifting numbers in due time.
(It is a Marathon NOT a Sprint after all.)

I plan to continue doing 5/3/1 again for a while until something else comes up.
Got a hold of  the Juggernaut Method 2.0 program and will read that when I have time and may change to it when I feel I understand it and ready for a change.

So back to the grind and will slowly get back to #BeastMode!