Conditioning: 7/23/14

Walk to School:

Distance: 0.9 mile

Intervals w/ Heavy Bag:

Heavy Bag Work: 30 s
Planks: 30 s
Rest 30 s
Sets: 10

Striking Drills:

Work: 3 mins
Rest: 1 min
Sets: 7

Walk back Home:

Distance: 0.9 mile


Feeling good walking/jogging to my school with teh training mask on.
Originally just wanted to do a short heavy bag interval.
Working on combos on the bag followed by some planks then a short rest.

After getting a 3-5 minute rest after doing my heavy bag work, one of the instructors asked if I wanted to join in to do some striking drills.
I was still feeling good so I decided to join in the fun.
Good session overall and a nice walk back home in the sun.