Conditioning: 9/17/14

Sled Push Sprints

Weight: Sled (60lbs) + 70 lbs
Work: 6 seconds
Rest: 1 minute
Sets: 20
Terrain: Pavement

Read a copy of Juggernaut Method, which I plan to do after 5/3/1, and decided to do what it suggests on sled work.
Max effort sled push for 6 seconds and rest for 1 minute and reduce the rest time next session by 10 seconds until you reach 30 seconds for rest then increase the weight and start over again.
Decided to start light and it was still a good challenge.
Felt good after I did it.

Too bad my GPS watch took a while to register my location and cannot compare today’s session towards next session for work distance completed.
Think I am going to enjoy this type of conditioning when I can do them.