Cycle 4 – 1s Week: Overhead Press: 1/10/15

Decent sleep and decent feeling as I went to the gym (5/10).
Missed my session yesterday due to “Real Life” and decided to go today despite not having enough food the day before.
Went with the mentality that I may just do the main lift today and that is exactly what happened.

Decent session just doing what I needed to do but could have been better if I had better nourishment yesterday and not doing too long a fast prior to training!


Body Weight: 167 lbs on 12/28/14
Pre-workout Warm-up Time: ~14 minutes
Training Time: 0 hr 30 mins
Fasted Time: ~15-16 hours
Sleep: ~7 hours

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching
Wall Ball (2 x 8)
Ball Slam (1 x 8)

Main Lift(s):

Overhead Press superset w/ Fat Gripz Chin/Pull-ups:

Warm-up Sets:
OHP: 45 x 10
CU: BW X 5
OHP: 55 x 5
PU: BW X 7
OHP: 70 x 5
CU: BW X 7
OHP: 85 x 3
PU: BW X 6

Work Sets:
OHP: 105 x 5
CU: BW X 7
OHP: 115 x 3
PU: BW X 6
OHP: 130 x 2 (e1RM = 139)
CU: BW X 8

Surprisingly all sets was easy until the top set.
Couldn’t get the 4 rep goal but still more than the minimum.