Cycle 6 – 3s Week: Bench Press: 3/19/15

Good amount of sleep and felt good as I start my day.
Surprised how good I felt all session despite having another longer fast than usual.

Main lift went well and strong but accessory work was not too great.
Not bad but could be better.
Will have to see how it goes the next couple sessions.

Otherwise a good session overall!


Body Weight: 170.6 lbs on 2/22/15
Pre-workout Warm-up Time: 20 minutes
Training Time: 1 hr 25 mins
Fasted Time: ~14 hours
Sleep: ~8 hours

Pre-workout Warm-ups:

Foam Rolling
Dynamic Stretching
Wall Balls (2 x 8)
Ball Slam (1 x 8)

Main Lift(s):

Bench Press Superset w/ Fat Gripz Pull/Chin-ups:

Warm-up Sets:
BP: 45 x 10
PU: BW x 5
BP: 85 x 5
CU: BW + 35 x 3
BP: 105 x 5
PU: BW  +35 x 3
BP: 125 x 3
CU: BW  +35 x 3

Work Sets:
BP: 145 x 3
PU: BW +35 x 2
BP: 165 x 3
CU: BW +35 x 2
BP: 185 x 7 (e1RM = 228)
PU: BW  +35 x 1

All sets felt real easy.
1st Work set I even decided to pause at the bottom for a second.
Top set felt like I could have done 1-2 more reps if needed!
Was not on the cage today so pull/chin-ups was in a different area.
Felt the bar too thin making gripping the FatGripz weird and floppy.
Will see how it goes next session and hopefully using the cage again.

Assistance Exercises:

Overhead Press w/ Fat Gripz Superset w/ Dips:

Warm-up Set:
OHP: 45 x 10
Dips: BW x 5

Work Sets:
OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: BW +30 x 5
– Rest 1 minute
OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: BW +30 x 5
– Rest 1 minute
OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: BW + 30 x 4
– Rest 1.5 minute
OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: BW +30 x 3
– Rest 1.5 minute
OHP: 60 x 10
Dips: BW +30 x 3

All the OHP sets felt real easy today.
Must be due to me really focusing on tight glutes the whole time.
Dips was weak though.

Kroc Rows:

Left Arm:
135 x 15

Right Arm:
135 x 15

Tough sets.
Think I gave up mentally before my grip or body did.
If I don’t get at least 20 reps with straps during my OHP session next week I will keep the same weight.