It’s been a while since I made a post here or updated this blog.

It’s been a long couple of years and a lot has happened since.

I stopped posting here when I was going through my own divorce, which has been finalized months ago. Had many ups and downs since.

Sometimes I wish God doesn’t have so much confidence in me but here I am trudging on with life.

This blog was originally created to document my personal Physical development in Strength Training.

Since my disappearance, I’ve had many challenges that I faced. This has given me new insights and perspective in life on what really matters.

With my new and better outlook in life, I decided to restart on my blog. I will also be adding new and different content as I start my updates.

New content will deal with my own personal growth as a human focusing on my evolution to the best version of me.

It shall include some insights I would like to share with everyone that helped me. I will try to include my Physical Training in the blog once I finish my current training cycle in a week.

But the main change will be my attempt to reach out to others that may find what I write helpful for them. Helpful in a more emotional, mental, spiritual and physical way.

To those that somehow visit my blog, welcome to a new journey!