Anyone touching someone inappropriately is wrong!

Just because I didn’t realize it was wrong at the time doesn’t make what he did right!

Anyone not doing anything when they see something wrong is happening is pathetic and weak!

When your own family doesn’t even see when someone was touching you inappropriately after you told them.
Because he is family.
Because it destroys that fantasy of that family member being a loving and caring person!
That hurts!

When your own family tries to defend a person that was touching you inappropriately.
Trying to say that MAYBE he had “NO BAD INTENTIONS” when he was touching you inappropriately!
He was a loving and kind person!!!

That maybe it’s a cultural differences …

Maybe they are scared more people like me will wake up from my message.
More people opening up that a family member has inappropriately touched them.
That would taint the family.
That would show how blind they were for refusing to see the signs!!!
That it would show how weak they are for not doing ANYTHING about it!

I don’t care!
I’m happy that my message is being heard and waking up people that didn’t know better at the time.

We didn’t ask to be taken advantage of!
We didn’t ask to be damaged!

All we ask is to be loved by our family.
What some of this disgusting people has done is horrible!
Taking advantage of our trust and love.

Maybe this will help others see what they didn’t see before.
What they refuse to see because it’s FAMILY!

I am sure there was signs I missed at the time.
I am sure others have seen some signs that they refuse to take seriously.

Some people don’t realize it starts with something “Innocent Looking”.
To test their limits and see how people react.

A brush here.
A touch there.

Making small inappropriate behavior feel and look normal.
Then it’s too late …

Maybe this can prevent others from becoming VICTIMS of what they refuse to see!
No one has the right to abuse another person!
To take advantage of their love and trust!

I was a victim.
I refuse to let others become like me when I am around!

This is why I do what I do!