“I’m trying to free your mind.
But I can only show you the door.
You’re the one that has to walk through it.” – Morpheus (The Matrix)

There are people out there that you may try to help make aware of something that they are not aware of at the time.
Your perspectives on the subject of discussion may differ.
You may see something that they don’t see.
Sometimes as much as you try your best they refuse to “Wake Up”.

In the end, it is up to that person whenever they are ready.
It can take that person some time to understand and become aware of what you are talking about, if ever.

It doesn’t matter what you do.
It doesn’t matter how long or how many times you try to help that person.
That person determines what they choose to see, hear, feel and understand.

One of the worst things you can do to help is forcing them to see/hear/understand what they are not ready to see/hear/understand.
Doing this can actually get the opposite result of what you are trying to do.
They can feel defensive as if you are attacking them.

From my experience, it is best to communicate with love, understanding and compassion.

Find the right time to talk.

When the conversation starts to get heated, try to be patient and give it time and space until both of you are ready to talk again.
Maybe wait a few hours, days or even weeks to start the conversation again.

Most important of all is to learn to let it go afterwards.
Say what you need to say with love and understanding.
Then let it go.
Trust the process.

Everyone goes through their own journey at life at their own pace.
The message may not be understood until when you are long gone.

Sometimes people rather not “Wake Up” but stay in the “Illusion” or “Fantasy” that they created, even after you talk to them and make them aware of the facts.
That is OK.
You have your own journey to deal with.