This story of mine happened a few days ago when I got home on New Year’s Eve.
• • •
Everything happens for a reason.

So I was feeling bad about something.
Decided to step out of my apartment to finish my bottle of wine and smoke a cigarette.
Hoping to numb myself!

A random person, a gay Mexican, came up to me and instead of ignoring or brushing him off, I followed my instincts and showed him love and kindness.
Ended up talking to this person and he gave me amazing life advice on what I am going through.
Something that he experienced himself in the past.

Few minutes later, another person walked by, a Colombian visiting from Texas, and I felt something wrong with him.
Instead of ignoring him, I asked what was wrong.
He just said “I feel Lonely” .

I felt his pain because I felt “Lonely” also, just like him!
I gave them my “Emotional Jumper Cables” (it’s a hug) and we all helped each other heal from our pain at the time.

We ended up having a very insightful conversation.
Then I walked one of them to the Taxi Station to get a cab home and the other person was in better spirits to go home to his family that he was visiting, a block away.

This world is too hurt.
Too many people are getting hurt.
We all just need to be understood and be loved.

I could have wallowed in my own personal issues.
But I decided to show love, compassion and kindness when others was reaching out for it.
In the process, I not only helped others in their time of need.
They also helped me!

Don’t let your own personal DRAMA keep you from being a loving human being.
EVERYONE is going through their own bullshit.

Just show love and kindness to everyone and you will be surprised what will happen!

To everyone that needs my “Emotional Jumper Cables”, I am here for you!
• • •

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