Being emphatic can be both a blessing and a curse.
Many don’t understand that we not only feel how others feel and understand what they are going through.
But we actually absorb the feelings and emotions they are going through at that moment.

Some of us that are not able to understand or control this can get very confused, not know how to deal with other people’s feelings.
But it can be a very useful skill once someone is able to understand and control being emphatic.

Sometimes I ask people questions even though I can already sense or feel what it is they are feeling.
This is just my way to give them a chance to be HONEST with me.
To see if they are able to TRUST sharing what they are holding in.

This and learning to read people’s Body Language and their Voice is a great way to understand people.
This also helps validate what I am sensing from them and that I am not reading them wrong.

The burden of this is that others are unable to open up so you get stuck with that feeling you get from them.
Maybe they are scared.
Maybe they don’t trust you.
Maybe it’s something else entirely.

This is when we need to learn to let go of these emotions and feelings we have somehow absorbed from them.
You become sympathetic because you somewhat understand them and you want to comfort them so you can feel comfortable again.

Either way.
It is best to learn to let all this go.
You have done your part.

I guess this is why we want to help others.
Why we want to make others happy or comfort them.
Because when others are happy, we feel that happiness also.