This is one of the new books I am reading to hopefully help improve on my communication skills.
I am not the best communicator but I want to improve this.
I am only on the first chapter and it’s already interesting what it is suggesting.

Communication is the key to so many things.
It helps us understand one another.
This is how we can build great relationships with people.
It can help change so many situations.

There are many ways we can communicate with each other.

You can communicate with your body language and facial expressions.
This non-verbal way of communication is something that we do all the time even without knowing about it.

Another form of communication is by the “Energy” we have that we share with each other.
Sometimes we can just “Feel” something about other people and they can do the same.
Another way of communication that we may not be fully aware of doing.

What we use most is communication using our voice.
How we talk, pitch/intensity/sound/etc, can be translated differently from person to person.

All this different forms of communication takes time and practice to master.

With the many changes and improvements I want to achieve myself, communication is one of those I want to master.

So making an effort to gain knowledge however I can.
Whether it be by reading books, listening to others or watching videos and practice, practice, practice!

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