It’s been almost a year since I was at this exact spot.
I proposed and got engaged with someone here last summer.
But something’s are not meant to be and we have not been together for a while now.

That is OK.

Life brings you challenges that brings about change.
I have learned many lessons since that time.

I have learned to love myself more.
I have learned to let go.
I have learned to accept things as they are.
I have learned that I deserve more and not less.
I have learned that the Universe brings to you what you need, that everything happens for a reason.

Life is like hiking the trail up this mountain
It’s not going to be easy.
There will be ups and downs.
There will be times you wish to stop and give up.
But if you keep going.
If you continue to get out of your comfort zone and push through.
You can see that amazing view ONLY from the top!

Enjoy life and embrace everything that it brings you!
Make Yourself Happy First!
Everything else will fall into place.

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